Meet Me in Venice

Its that time of year where the sun becomes notoriously shy and ends up hiding behind cloud and mist.

Sometimes I feel this makes everything look a bit…well…drab. But a Venice covered in mist…just appeared beautiful and mist-erious (see what I did there).
Recently, I needed to get away. I needed to escape. It just so happened, a reunion with my favourite floating city was well overdue, and so on a plane I hopped.
I was lucky enough in my spontaneous action to recruit a gorgeous sidekick, and together we set off to see what we could see.
Now, I don’t know about you but travelling makes me a rather peckish lass, and I remembered this lovely little cafe bakery I used to go to off the beaten tourist track.
There are quite a few Majer bakeries over in Venice, but this one had lovely ladies AND made a tasty soya latte, so naturally I was sold.

They even had a vegan croissant! It was to die for, packed full of beautifully cooked veggies and toasted to perfection, I wish wish wish I could find something similar near where I live.

We were joined for lunch by many inquisitive guests. At certain points it felt like they were escorting us around the city. Or stalking us, perhaps we still had some crumbs on us from our delicious lunch, who knows. 
Venice is full of treats for the eyes. I could NOT stop taking photos! Everything, even under a cloud of grey, appeared stunning.

There is quite a lot of artistry that runs through the city. Venice is steeped in history and one of the iconic things that feature throughout are the masks.

Stemming back from the plague which hit Venice pretty hard, through to elegant masquerade balls these masks have become quite the icon in todays day and age. Now be careful, because there are a lot of naff, low quality replicas made for the touristy side of Venice, but look a little harder and you will find some artisan shops where the masks are the real McCoy!

Wandering the streets and mask shopping can be real thirsty work for a gal. Thankfully there was a conveniently located Frulalá. You’ll know when you pass these guys, they will be the ones showering you with free samples!
The national drink of Venice is a Spritz. I have mine with Aperol, you can see how to make one here. It is invariably the cheapest drink on the menu and will leave you feeling suitably warm and fuzzy, guaranteed. 
You see, the proof is in the pout! Best to let the warm fuzzies wash over us by the canal-side.

Fuelled with the inevitable confidence that a ‘tipple’ provides we set off to drink in more Venetian sites (albeit in a zig zagging fashion).

I know I’m slightly bias, but Venice is always a good idea, no matter what time of year, or whatever the weather. 
With the city being on water it is so different to anything back home in the UK and presented literally the perfect amount of escapism, just what the doctor ordered.
Where have you escaped to lately?
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