France Part 2

This was by far my favourite day from le French visit. 

Food wise, weather wise, company wise, experience wise. This day ticked all the boxes for me.

We got up early, munched a quick croissant, and took to the french coast. Destination? La Rochelle.

We could not have asked for better weather. It reached 30 degrees! For mid-September that it pretty good going!

Everything had this gorgeous backdrop of deep blue sky. No filters required!

First on the itinerary…food. We knew we were in one of the best seafood places ever (childhood memories reinforced this) so I had no problems picking up the pace to pick from a smörgåsbord of restaurants that are located just off the city centre. In the end we decided upon a little place in the middle of what I like to call ‘restaurant row’, called L’Embraque.

My ‘aperitif’ of choice throughout my whole trip was an ice cold glass of Monaco. For those who don’t know what I mean when I say ‘aperitif’, it is French custom to offer an alcoholic beverage before your meal as it is believed to stimulate the appetite.

To start us off, we shared a plate of whitebait. These were the tastiest, saltiest, freshest whitebait I have literally EVER had!

Then, a second starter. You know a meal is going to be epic when there is a second starter involved. This was most definitely the ‘Pièce de résistance’. Not that I didn’t love every single bit of this meal, because I really did, but these oysters though….

…these bad boys tasted so frickin’ fresh it was unreal! Worth every cent!

Now for the main course. How could it not be moules frites! Again, so fresh, so tasty!

Then, (as if I had room at this stage but fear not, I’m a trooper) dessert came. I had a very posh caramel sundae, über tasty, shell glass housed extravaganza. Seriously, nothing I ordered fell short perfection!

And then…came the coffee! Seriously, I’m running out of verbs here. Lets just go with yum!

It took my a while, but I managed to reassemble myself back onto my feet, just in time to do a spot of shopping, and work of the food baby feeling I had accrued over lunch.

Naturally, as a beauty blogger, I saw Sephora and this happened…

It was just such a wonderful day. Sunny, bright, cheerful and full of sights to see. Just to chill by the water was one of the simplest pleasures!

One of the best impromptu visits abroad ever! This dude, in his tall standing proudness clearly agreed.

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