America! Part I | H&H

Well guys, I made it. It took an 11 hour flight and a 1 hour car journey but I have arrived in LA.
From an anxiety point of view, the trip was relatively painless! All my previous preparation for my carry on travel bag paid off. Having a face wash on the plane made me feel so much better and really settled and comfortable. In general the skincare routine was my favorite part of the flight! I felt so relaxed and completely forgot what I was traveling in or how high up I was! I will try and record this on my flight back as for others suffering with anxiety out there, this really did help.
I have made a little Californian family out here! New and re-newed friendships are occurring and honestly I’m just going around with a big ol’ smile on my face as these people are so generous, caring and down right wonderful! 
I am picking up some american phrases so don’t be surprised if a few “lets go to the mall” or “I’m on vacation”-ses slip out or appear here and there. Here’s some of what I’ve learned so far…
…trousers are called ‘pants’. Jumpers are called ‘sweaters’. They do not have cordials/squash out here so asking for a ‘lime soda’ in a bar is useless. Also on the topic of what to order in a bar, I have yet to come across a half pint! I think they only do measurements of pints+. Oh and lastly, what americans call ‘chips’ we would call ‘crisps’.
Anyway, I’m a week in now and already so much has happened! I have so far visited Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon as well as places in LA, and bloomin’ heck its so hot out here! In Las Vegas it reached 43-5 degrees (I think that’s around 110-120 degrees in fahrenheit). It was honestly like having someone standing in front of me with a hairdryer on full heat and power, not really my idea of fun! So naturally I stayed inside where the AC was! There’ll be more about Vegas in the next post.

You can follow me on Instagram for realtime antic coverage out here! But for now, above is my first ever VLOG! So…go easy on me!

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