Winter Wardrobe: This Tall Coat

Being an above-averagely Tall Gal, one does find it hard to find a nice, smart winter coat.

However, ASOS has come to my rescue in a way that I rather hate to admit. Let me paint you a picture; you’re lounging in bed on an easy Sunday morning, scrolling through Facebook to see what’s going on in the world, and somehow Facebook knows that I have recently been looking on the internet for coats. AND, as if by “magic” it knows I frequently visit ASOS. So there, integrated perfectly into my feed is a gorgeous looking light grey coat in (and this is the bit that sealed the deal) a tall fit. Damn you Facebook adverts and the cookies that you so desperately munch on (p.s. thank you).

Introducing New Look’s Tall Formal Tailored coat – It’s soft, warm, smart and fits really well (I am loving the length of the sleeves! #tallgirlproblems). Now, when I go for a tall fit, my top most tip is to go a size down. Don’t panic, hear me out. It’s all about dimensions. A size 16 regular is smaller than a size 16 tall as they have made extra allowances with the fit (trust me I’ve found this out the hard way). So I’m a size 16 regular but a 14 tall. Having said that I then chose a 16 tall anyway because I would like the option of wearing big baggy jumpers underneath a coat.

This is great addition to any winter wardrobe. It works well with neutrals (aka almost my entire wardrobe) or inject a bit of deep maroon or navy via scarf and accessories and you’re onto a winner! ASOS is great for tall fit items, and you can easily filter for them should you wish. Happy shopping!

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