Royal Wedding 2018 Top Five: My Favourite Looks!

Okay so how frickin’ cute was this Royal Wedding!?!

Truly a real life fairytale! Still not really sure on Meghan, but my LOVE for good ol’ Prince Harry runs deep! He is such a wonderful soul that as long as he’s happy, you can consider this fan happy.

But lets get to the outfits. I love events like this, and I loveĀ that its like a conveyor-belt of stunning interpretations of the dress code which were etiquette based, stating all ladies’ shoulders and heads be covered in church. Which I think is respectful enough and didn’t stop anyone from stunning us quite frankly.

Here are my personal top five favourites.


Lady Kitty Spencer:

This whole outfit just appeals to me! The rich royal green, beautiful flower detailing and that neckline is so flattering, stylish and classy. Pick any flattering adjective its that! Old Hollywood! Dolce & Gabbana have nailed it!


Queen Oprah:

I’m not kidding when I say the words “oh my god Oprah” came out of my mouth, as she was one of the first top famous people to appear on my screen. And the winner for me, her hat! It was a vintage design by Philip Treacy, with new feathers added for the occasion. It was so befitting for the event, I literally couldn’t stop staring at it. Loved her whole outfit, as well as her punctuality!


Gina Torres:

Oh my gosh is this not the most flattering dress you have ever seen!?! To be fair Gina Torre’s figure has always been on my most enviable list, but the tailoring in this dress is stunning and really compliments just how gorgeous this woman is! The matching hat, shoes, bag, smile – just wow! The designer was one I haven’t come across before called Costarellos – but after having a mini peruse round their website I can see them becoming a fast favourite of mine.


Amal Clooney:

Now initially this dress was not in my favourites (I think its because of the love hate relationship I have with mustard yellow), however as the camera kept a close eye on her I started to warm to it. I think it was the way she wore it (and the fact that it is designed by Stella McCartney) that meant that it made its way into my top five.


Sofia Wellesley:

The embroidery on this dress – can we just take a moment to take it in – so stunning (jeeze how many times have I used that word, but it’s true). The collar detailing is so feminine and cute, it really echoes the fact that no one is trying to outdo anyone else. No one is trying to be the sexiest or get the most attention. This crowd is truly there for the bride and groom and they all just look stunning and presentable in their own right! This dress from Valentino concludes my top 5 nicely and is definitely something I would personally wear!

Overall I love how beautiful everyone looked, not just from a fashion and style standpoint, but the smiles and looks from people, they were all genuinely happy to be there (lets face it I would have been, in fact the cheshire cat smile would have been such a permanent feature it might have become borderline inappropriate). Also kudos to the ladies sporting heels and towering above their men with not a care in the world! I love it! Welcome to a day to day life ladies!