Day of the Week Trend: What the?

Source: Coveteur

Is it just me?

A new trend within the blogging community has come to my attention recently. Its the one with the days of the week on jumpers by Alberta Ferretti, and I have so many questions. 
Now, call me old fashioned but the days of the week that I remember are particularly displayed over socks and pants (panties for my American friends). And, the point was you had the whole collection. You didn’t just have Monday, or Sunday, you had all seven days of the week.
So my questions about this trend are this, am I expected to buy all seven jumpers separately at the individual cost of $495 each
What happens if I only have that jumper left, or that becomes my favourite jumper and I wear it on the wrong day? 
Or even worse if I’m seen wearing it on the wrong day? Will I get chucked out of the trend club? And if I only pick one, how on earth am I going to choose between Saturday and Sunday?! (Actually, Sunday, it’s always going to be Sunday). 
Don’t get me wrong, they are kinda cute. The colours are fun and they have a sort of retro feel about them. They have been styled flawlessly {check out the ‘Rainbow Week’ feature on the site} and I can see how they would be popular. Maybe they also give you the opportunity to break the rules and be a trend setter, Sunday jumper on a Monday? Why the heck not!
But do they look good on a 5’11 gal? Or is it going look like a crop top on me. Well there’s only one way to find out, Sloane Street here I come…
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