A Good Pair of Black Jeans

Outfit: Top: H&M // Jeans: Next // Boots: Fatface // Necklace: Debenhams

You may have noticed a lot of new style jeans creeping into stores as of late.

As we approach the end of the Winter season (lets all breathe a big sigh of relief) the styles of jeans that have been trending include the raw hem, mixed shade denim, front seam and embroidered.
Personally I think the embroidered jeans are gorgeous, but I think my style is a bit simpler and classic. With the recent clear-out and streamlining process of my wardrobe (which you can catch up on here) I decided that I needed a good staple pair of black jeans. 
They are worth an investment. I would even go so far as saying black jeans are a necessity in any wardrobe.
Just a quick disclaimer, this post is not sponsored and is being written from a Tall Girl‘s perspective on finding a good fit. That being said, you might still read something helpful whatever height or size you are after. Next is one of my favourite shops for this reason.

If you haven’t looked to them as an option to find a good fit for you, give them a try. I love that they make sure they have a mixture of tall, regular and petite items on their shop floor. This means you can actually try items on (I know, old school right?) without having to wait for them in the post (and most likely return them in a similar fashion shortly after). Pretty much every item comes in a tall, petite, short, regular or long version (the item will display this on the tag) so have a hunt around and find the fit for you.

Yes, it is quite possible that the latest trends and styles will be on display and bamboozling you somewhat (well they did me), but if you see a classic cut that you know suits you make a dive for it pronto.

I paid more for these jeans than I have in a while, coming in at £40, (compared to the Primark £10 bracket) but they fit so well and feel like butter they are so soft. I was also a size smaller than expected. If thats not a selling point then I don’t know what is!

So I picked up a size 14L, and haven’t put them down since.

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