I try Apple Cider Vinegar in my skincare routine for a week!

How many articles have you seen that claim Apple Cider Vinegar a miracle substance that just cures everything? Well there are only so many times you can be hit by this information before curiosity takes over and you find yourself applying the stuff on your face before bed.

The “new year, new you”, health happy editions of magazines have been rolled out this month, and having seen Apple Cider Vinegar pop up yet again, I find myself wondering if it is indeed “a thing”. Our bodies allegedly benefit from ACV both inside and out! I have yet to try shotting the stuff on the daily but one thing that I could always use help with is my skin, which is oily, unbalanced and acne prone.

ACV is said to help to kill bacteria, remove excess dirt, oil, make-up and skin cells. Sounds good to me. So what did I start off this new year doing? Thats right, as well as drizzling over the occasional salad, I also started to dress my face with the stuff.

Now, a lot of sources have explained that to make a toner you water down the vinegar a little bit. Nope, not me! I was only prepared to give this stuff a week so I needed the concentration. I only applied it to the problematic areas of my skin. Any spots, blemishes or pimples got a hit, and what I refer to as the ‘contour zone’ of my cheeks also got some attention. I would do this before bed, with either a cotton bud or pad.

Guys though, the smell! It is not for the weak gag-reflexed!!! I think as the week went on I just taught myself to ignore it and go to sleep regardless but take my word for it when I say that stuff is damn strong! Also, as some people are probably already thinking, the high concentration of this stuff meant that there was a little bit of ‘drying out’ that commenced of my skin. To be fair, I could live with this but if you suffer from dry/sensitive skin, water this stuff down for sure!

BUT, and that’s a big ‘but’ for a reason, it did something guys.

Like I couldn’t/didn’t really believe it, but morning after morning I would wake up and to be fair, my blemishes or pimples were at least half the size they started out life as! This was more of a result than I have got from (dare I say it) some very high end and pricey products! Over the years I’ve consumed literally anything that promised me ‘blemish control’ or ‘clearer skin’ and like a sucker I have fallen for it every time.

I’m telling you, no more. From now on, if I get a break out I’m applying this stuff. I wouldn’t go as far as to include it in my daily skin routine, I can’t face the smell on my face every-night and I’m sure if you have a significant other sleeping next to you they would be as equally unappreciative. But guys, if you are having a break out, just try this. Cotton bud, apply concentrated to the localised area before bed, and just see.

If you feel like finding out more there’s a very good round up over on Mum Loves Best – and although geared towards pregnant ladies, this article is super comprehensive no matter what questions you have surrounding ACV.

Let me know what you think in the comments below and if you would try, or have tried ACV in your skincare.