Summer Lip Therapy

Come summer, thoughts turn to sunshine and colour. The last thing on our minds is dry lips. 

But, speak of the devil and he shall appear. My lips have been especially dry as of late, so I have made it my mission to have on hand a little reliable trio. 

In particular, I have made sure these beauties have a bit of colour/tint to them, in keeping with the summer sunshine.

First up is Blistex and their Lip Brilliance. I can’t say I’ve ever finished a lip balm, until I found this one. It has a lovely pinky-redy tint to it, smells (and kinda tastes) amazing and moisturises even the driest of lips. I keep this religiously in my purse.

Snooping around the cosmetic counters recently, I stumbled across a new release from Sleek. Their Candy Tint Balms (with SPF15 might I add) are my perfect combo. They moisturise, provide a gorgeous colour, as well as protecting and being reasonably priced. Thats a lot of boxes ticked as far as I’m concerned. Literally – I don’t think I can rave about this enough in this post, if you get the chance, pick one up, they are fab! The shade I have here is Bon Bon. Its a lovely nude with a peach tint. Perfectly light for summer. 

Lastly, I have enjoyed returning to a Sephora favourite. These lip balms take after the EOS packaging, but come without the negative press thats been circulating about them. The shade I have here is 02 Cotton Candy – although not as multitasking as sleek, these lip balms do condition your lips quite nicely whilst providing a generous splash of colour. 

And there you have it, some Summer SOS Lip Balm inspiration for you. Got any multitasking, colourful lip favourites perfect for this summer?