Make-Up Clear Out: What I’m taking with me into 2017

New Year = New Make-Up post! 

I’ve had a little mix up / clear out / jiggle around over the past week and some products introduced into my collection in 2016 are now really quite key in my everyday routine. So I thought I’d share some of the gems I will definitely be keeping with me in my 2017 repertoire. 
For a base, I cannot beat Maxfactor’s Facefinity All Day Flawless foundation. I repurchased this constantly throughout last year and it seems to suit all seasons and all conditions it finds my skin in. Its great as an every day base that gives reliable coverage and staying power without feeling heavy on your skin. Definitely keeping this with me this year.
As you can probably see, there was a little bit of ‘return of the MAC’ fever last year. I blame its ever increasing proximity and availability to my current location, which doesn’t make my heart complain, but pains my bank balance terribly. 
Their loose powder Pigment in Vanilla is stunning, and really brightens and completes any eye look. You don’t need that much to get an effect and therefore this product lasts for ages, even if it is a tad expensive, totally worth it. On the subject of pigment and colour I love love love the lip colour Velvet Teddy! Firstly, what’s not to love about the name and secondly its like the perfect neutral colour, for me anyway. I started achieving a more finished look on my lips with the help of Mac’s lipliner in Soar. This shade seriously seems to go with all lipcolours, bar completely non stereotypical colours like blue or green. This was recommended to me in 2016 and I have never looked back, whether it likes it or not its coming with me.
Lastly, NYX well and truly hit UK drugstores in 2016 and apart from me loving pretty much all of their soft matte lip creams, I have been loving their Matte Blotting Paper. Aside from cute packaging, these have been perfect to take to events or nights out (of which I attended a fair few in 2016, get me being a little socialite) and you only need a few to fix even the shiniest of complexions. 
So there’s a little roundup for you. I’m really enjoying refining my make-up collection, going a more minimalist route and choosing quality over quantity.