My Latest Skincare Secret

If its good enough for Kate Middleton, its good enough for me!

Quick introduction to my friends across the pond, flannels over here are old school wash cloths / facecloths / small handheld towel thingys. Something as simple as using a flannel to clean your face is probably overly obvious to some, but was a complete enigma to me. I’d never used a flannel for anything other than an emergency strip wash over a sink!

After stumbling across an article by Marie Claire, I decided if something as simple as using a tiny towel helped good old Kate to have ‘glowing skin’ I could incorporate it into my little old routine.

Thus came a tiny experiment with the tiny towel. For 2 weeks now I have washed, with a flannel and ya know what, it works. The condition of my skin is definitely better, I believe this is from the exfoliating effect. My face feels deep cleaned, cleansed, smooth and any other words associated with a good resurfacing. Plus, I’m not ashamed to admit the power of feeling like Kate Middleton for 2 weeks (minus the entourage, money and extra products that I’m sure go into her skincare regime). Basically it was an all round enjoyable experience.

Drawbacks, you have a little more laundry, but everyone has to do laundry right? It is recommended that you wash the flannels often to avoid bacteria build ups. It hasn’t stopped my breakouts in their tracks, but I have noticed less overall. And you’ll have to part with one whole Great British Pound to pick up a set of three in Primark which is where I picked up the ones for this experiment, I know – outrageous.