June Favourites!

As the end of July approaches I realise that June favourites didn’t even get the blog post it deserved.

Between sleeping, working, sorting my life out and sleeping some more, I uploaded the June Favourites video, without a specific sister post to go with it! *palm slaps forehead – must try harder*
Anyhoo, as we move on with our lives I thought why not upload one for you now, ta-dah!
Now this set of favourites features a very jet lagged me, with a very un-jet lagged dog, which in turn is a recipe for success in my eyes.
You know what, I can’t even promise that July’s favourites will feature a Chess with her togetherness together but that is just real life folks!
So quick, go pick your favourite mug, whatever beverage you fancy (no judgement here), kick back and relax to another video of mine, I give you permission to do nothing else for the next ten mins. Enjoy!

Products mentioned…

– Tommy Hilfiger Make-up bag –

– Clinique Age Défense BB cream –

– Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate –

– Hollister Women’s Fragrance “Malaia” Eau de Parfum Spray –

– Wet and Wild Blush Pearlescent Pink 831E –

– Sculpting brush by ELF –