February Favourites!

You know when you have a list as long as your arm of things to do, absolutely no time in which to do it in, and a million things you actually want to do and enjoy doing but less than no time for those things either?
Yes? Okay! So welcome to a belated February Favourites! February was short but sweet, with a few beauty and one non-beauty favourites that are more than worth a mention. I purchased Maybelline’s Master Prime base during my latest visit to America. I have quite a few primers that I have been loyal to, but in the past couple of months this one has fought its place on account of its redness control. It’s light, liquid texture is kind to my skin, applies and dries easily and helps to reduce the redness and angry appearance of any break outs I’m having at the time, which gets my vote. Once a full face of make up has been applied and successfully survived a day, I have really been enjoying thoroughly removing all traces of make up with Boscia’s make-up break up solution. It smells great, and dissolves everything! Well all the right stuff anyway. On the topic of great smells, I cannot get enough of Imperial Leather’s Foamburst shower gel! First of all this stuff is magic, starting off as a gel and then expanding into so many bubbles you won’t know what hit you! And to finish off the little routine, applying a layer of Soap and Glory’s Righteous Butter Body Lotion does the job nicely. My skin has never been softer or silkier. February was cold and my skin always takes the brunt of the weather the hardest. These products were little life savers. To complete the favourites I wanted to share a non-beauty favourite in the form of a wireless speaker by Anker. I really think everyone should have one of these, they are amazing and the amount of sound that comes from one of these is just crazy! I have been falling in love with music all over again, giving a nice amount of inspiration to my Spotify playlists which I may well be sharing with you soon enough!