5 Things I’m Currently Obsessed With

A fix for sleepy struggles and a lipstick that does it all? Uhh, yes please!

Firstly where has this year gone?! As we approach the end of autumn, pumpkin spice lattes are morphing into gingerbread lattes and the whole world is hunkering down for (dare I mention) Christmas. However, unlike my beloved pumpkin spice latte, I’ve managed to hold on to a few things going forward into the winter months. The following are my current favourites and items that have worked pretty well throughout autumn and are actually perfectly suited for the winter season too.

I’ve recently come to the realisation that as you get older you need to take even better care of your skin. I guess I’ve just been digging my heels in and resisting the ageing process. Nip + Fab have really come to my rescue though and have a fantastic range that cater for my acne prone, sensitive, partially dry and ageing skin. This post-glycolic fix moisturiser has worked from keeping my skin protected in the sun at the end of august, to keeping it moisturised and smooth in the colder weather. There has not been a need to even consider switching it for the winter months, it takes care of everything.

Onto a product that does it all! I love an ‘all in one’ and Smashbox have a range of Ombré lip colours which are the answer to my prayers. The Triple Tone works as a lipliner as well as a filler giving a really cool affect. The range mainly consists of bold colours but their Nude Ombré is perfect for everyday use or for evenings out.

Another product that is proving to work for all occasions is the latest Urban Decay palette. Naked Heat has a selection of gorgeous warm shades and a mixture of mattes and shimmers that can be combined for pretty much any look and occasion. I bought mine in duty free for a holiday and haven’t stopped playing with it since. It’s been perfect for autumn with the use of burnt orange shades and I reckon the shimmer shades can also be worked into one or two festive looks. I have had nothing but compliments and enquires when I use this palette, its well worth adding to your collection.

Lush’s Sleepy body lotion has been an obsession of mine these past few months. If you struggle getting off to sleep, especially this time of year with all the artificial lights being used to compensate for lack of daylight, then this could well be the help you need. I hadn’t even heard of this product until good friends of mine went crazy when they saw it on our latest retail therapy session. They literally rave about this stuff and since then I’ve discovered why. Its an inexpensive solution to problem that is more common than you think. You rub some of this on your chest before bed (kinda like Vix Vapour rub when you’re congested) and the scent helps promote relaxation and rest. It is very strong on the lavender and oatmeal aromas so if this isn’t your thing then it might keep you awake hating on life rather than drift you off to sleep. I happen to love the smell and with my sleep gradually improving I can’t recommend it enough. 

Lastly and slightly off the topic of skincare and cosmetics, I felt like this bag has served me so well from autumn to winter and for pretty much any occasion that it deserved a mention. Its the Rosina floral-embroidered cross-body bag from Topshop and although sadly I don’t think they stock it anymore they do a range of similar looking bags so have a shop around. They are cute, fit only the bare essentials, and again I have gotten asked several times where its from when I’m out and about. The flowers worked for autumn and the chain and studs will carry nicely over to winter style. Sorted.