Winter Walks

As the weather gets colder and the days get darker, it makes sense to make the most of any decent blue skies that come our way! (Apologies for the poor picture quality, hopefully Santa will kindly bring me a new camera this year).

The other morning was perfect. It pays to get up that little bit earlier to catch the rays on a good day. I absolutely love crisp mornings, where its cold enough to wrap up with cosy layers, but bright and sunny enough to warm your soul.

Thick cosy welly socks are a must. Mine are mens socks made by Jeep, but they are the warmest and thickest!
And who wouldn’t want to take this face for a walk!?!

As you can see, my brother H cheered up no end!
This is my favourite time of year, the colours that you can find (whilst having a casual forage) are beautiful.

Plus catching a few rays and topping up your Vit D levels makes you feel like you can take on the world / and in the case of being a dog, pick up a stick three times your size.

Once again with feeling H.
Battle against the winter blues, definitely won.
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