Welcome – to my Wardrobe

I’m trying something new. Something completely foreign to me. Taking pictures of myself, in outfits of my choosing, and actually putting them out there for the world to see.

I love clothes. They have the power to make you feel fearless. They are the front that you put out to the world.

I remember playing dress up – literally ALL THE TIME – as a kid. I had a whole draw dedicated to it (with the unofficial addition of my mums wardrobe). I always wanted to look older, more grown up. These days, thats now changed to a) not looking too – big (I’m 5″10, and like food), and b) just looking like – well, me. 

Recently, I realised that I had fallen into the trap of buying TONS of clothes, but still only wearing a fraction of what I had. It was weighing me down. I forgot about pieces I had, felt dreadful about the pieces that didn’t fit me properly (always on the ‘too tight’ side) and the items I did wear got worn out so quickly they looked forever shabby. 

Then, I came across the concept of a Capsule Wardrobe. The idea that you can survive with a limited number of carefully chosen pieces sounded right up my street, as I can imagine it does with a lot of people. However, I’m not going to stick to the rules rigidly. I plan on choosing select pieces more carefully and just overall be more honest with myself. More on this to come though.

So this blog will really be a journey. Sorting out what combos work well on my size and shape (which I will be honestly laying out here

On a sidenote, I hope to gain some self-acceptance. I hate photos of myself, but putting this project together might just help change the way I view myself, in a positive way. 

For this first outfit post, I’ve decided to keep it simple. I love stripes – top from Warehouse. I love fitted, skinny jeans – H&M. And the black pair of pointed pumps – Topshop.

So join me. Watch my wardrobe take shape. I will also be writing about beauty, lifestyle, and travel. If any of this tickles your fancy then see you back here shortly.