I watched the latest Netflix movie Mute, so you don’t have to.

Mute Netflix

Netflix Original Film: Mute (click for source).

Is it just me, or is the Netflix Original film Mute, exactly the same set up as Altered Carbon?

I get that this space-agey, Blade Runner type theme is in vogue at the moment, but Mute literally blended into Altered Carbon for me. The settings appear exactly the same. Dark, UV, advanced tech, futuristic. I mean is that the point? Feel free to enlighten me if I’m missing something, but I personally have got things blending together in my head to the point where I start getting angry when I’m expecting one character and a different one appears, and story lines that I thought were going great but have suddenly taken a turn for the sour! I honestly don’t know whether I am coming or going!

Mute’s main character is this tall handsome, chiselled dude that believe it or not, can’t talk (no prises for guessing that one), is super moody, packs a punch and… wait… looks a lot like Kinnamen from Altered Carbon!!!!

Kinnaman Starsgard

Above: Joel Kinnaman // Below: Alexander Skarsgard

Whether I can go on to be a reliable source for a review is debatable (just call me confused.com) but I’m going to try my best. Here’s a bit about it to see if its for you, just to set the scene…

  • “Not Kinnamen” comes from a humble Amish background, has a nasty accident early on in life where anyone else would have died but he just lost the ability to speak.
  • Instead of getting it fixed he doesn’t want to upset his mum (apparently surgery or something is bad for the Amish) so stays mute.
  • “Not Kinnamen” gets a girlfriend! Yay! And admittedly, they are the cutest couple ever!
  • Girlfriend goes missing! Noooo!
  • “Not Kinnamen” goes on hunt to find her!
  • That guy from friends (“Pheobe’s husband” to be precise”) is in it, and is a nice but not so nice guy with a kid that is linked somehow I dunno.
  • He has a BFF who turns out be a pedophile – (if I could insert the rolly-eyed emoji here I would) why Theroux why!?!?!
  • 10 hours later we are still looking for his girlfriend.
  • Kinda cool ending – I won’t spoil it, but you wait a long time for it.

This film had such potential, but I felt like it was trying to be too slick – and could have ended a decade before it actually did.

This theme is currently saturated. It’s been done. Don’t get me wrong I love the rebellion of a humble man in such a modern environment. He doesn’t have a phone, still uses pencil and paper and appears to have artisan skills with woodwork. However, this film needed to be shorter for sure. With the main character not speaking, this is not the type of film you can watch in the background whist you’re on your phone. You’ll miss the body language and most of the story as it’s dragged out.

Overall rating? 6 out of 10  The main character, who also starred in the latest Tarzan, is so beautiful to look at. The storyline was kind of there, just long, and they lost points for the pedophile, that creeped me out. Not horrific, but you really don’t need to watch this, just stick to Altered Carbon.