Time to Make Peace with Yourself

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I’m learning that Motivation at times can be tricky. If you’re struggling it may be time to slow down, re-focus, and generally cut yourself some slack.

You may have been slogging away at a diet or a gruelling gym routine, and you’ve either done well and are on track or, like me you’ve slipped a little. But its never a bad thing to take a step back and give yourself a break (at least, this is the philosophy I’m going by).

Try Lemon Water when you first wake up. Hot or Cold.

If, like me, you missed the whole ‘detox your body in January’ trend, its never a bad idea just to give your body a boost now and again. The simplest way that I’ve found to do this is by having lemon water first thing. Hot or cold it’s refreshing and studies show that its great for your insides.

Don a face mask.

Garnier have just come out with some great sheet face masks, but if you have your own favourite in mind there is something about putting a facemask on that makes me stop. Even if its just for 20 mins, it can mean the difference between thinking I’m relaxing and actually physically relaxing. 

Hygge Your Life a Bit.

Man I cannot get enough of Hygge (or the Dutch for that matter) at the moment. I mean I literally want to drop everything and move to Copenhagen (as crazy as that sounds). If you can, get your hands on the Hygge bible, a cute little book that is half price on Amazon at the moment and can be decorative as well as informative when you are done. 

If you’re Single, thats Okay.

Stresses can come from all areas of our lives, but I think my main stresses are expectations that others (without necessarily realising) place on me. Being single is one of them. People are constantly asking how my love life is going, which makes for an interesting conversation, but really I’m just okay as I am at the moment. I’m in no rush.

Dare to Dream.

Take time for yourself and ask yourself, what do you want? What are your dreams? At the moment for me its to one day owning a space of my own. Just a little apartment in a nice area with room enough for me, and of course a coffee machine #duh.

Moving and pushing yourself is great, but sometimes just stopping and re-focusing on yourself and making sure you’re doing okay can be an even bigger motivator than you think. 

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