Things I’ve seen, done and loved this month

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January – almost always the toughest month of the year. 

Its dark, financially long and difficult, and all the Christmas decorations have to come down. Bring back the twinkly lights for goodness sake, my soul still needs them!

The good news is, its almost over. In some ways its gone quick (I can’t believe we are already four weeks into 2017), in other ways its been oh so long (dam you early Christmas pay check).

Gilmore Girls – A Year in the Life

I started off this year achieving my first goal which was to watch all series of Gilmore Girls, beginning to end, before watching the new Netflix episodes (#priorities). It was worth the wait, they did not disappoint. I laughed, I cried, I loved seeing how the characters looked now. Netflix did a fantastic job and I insist if you are even the slightest of fans, you go and watch them immediately!

Dog walks

I love this weather – when the sun is shining. On the other hand, grey clouds and rain – I don’t wanna know. But this month I have been lucky enough to take my pooch on some rather beautiful crisp frosty walks. The fresh air has done me good, the exercise has done me good, and I think Mr. Luigi enjoyed them too. Only draw back, happy yet very muddy dog by the end, guaranteed.


They kind of reminded me of the 90’s where you would get one of those plasticy, twirly, stretchy chokers free in a teen magazine. I thought they would give me a double chin, literally ‘choke’ me, or just generally be a nuisance. However, I have been pleasantly surprised. They go with a lot. They can make a classic jeans and t-shirt combo look…better! So yes, I’m a convert.

Meal Prepping

When you are watching your pennies, meal prepping is a life saver. I know people go on and on about it, but I kind of just thought it was a nice idea that people who knew how to cook would be able to do. But I’ll let you into a secret, you don’t even have to be that good of a cook! If in doubt buy a cheap jar of sauce and dump it over some veggies! I’ve actually eaten better this month as a result of planning my meals ahead.

Doing stuff that doesn’t cost money

Like meal prepping, I’ve redirected my focus this months to things that aren’t costing me any extra pennies to do. Like going to the gym, working on my research for work, watching too many series on Netflix. It’s actually been very rewarding so far. More so than I thought. I’ve had more time for myself than ever! Laying low for a while feels scary, restricting and awful to begin with, but more and more you realise that this makes time for other things that you wouldn’t necessarily have time to do. 
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