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On My Desk

This is more a #onmydreamdesk post.
It was so much fun to put together, and Polyvore have a competition going with this tag at the moment. 
I’ve had to put my ‘perfect desk’ hunt on hold recently, what with temporarily relocating to Oxford for the time being. But a gal can still dream eh?! 
So here we go…

We have a desk, but not just any desk, a trestle desk. I found one that I would love even more than the one above.


I really love the look of this table, and the storage between the legs is super handy.

Now the brains. My dream is to ultimately possess an iMac. On a student budget this is not at all likely to happen. However it is definitely something to aspire to. The new design looks so pretty. 


On the plus side, I am pretty happy with my current lamp. Kinda like the one above but in white. This was a pot luck find at a TkMax branch.

In an ideal world I would have perfect looking fresh flowers everywhere but alas, they tend to die on me faster than I can by them. But I do love the rustic jug and flower arrangement above. This is definitely the look I would go for. 

I love stacking magazines around me. My mum would do this too so I’ve grown up with piles scattered around the house. I love having them nearby for handy inspiration.

Now I am a fan of a good mug. A good mug can add even more comfort to that much needed cuppa. I love the kissing stag design of the one above which you can find on the Anorak website here.

If your looking for quick and easy storage (especially for all those magazines if you are like me) then I personally will be turning to the apple crate. Having them around nearby or even under a desk can be really handy.


I love the look and they can either be stacked like they are above, or turn them on their sides landscape and stack like a book shelf. Or attach to the wall as a handy shelf. The possibilities are endless.
Here are some examples…

So there you have it really. Can’t wait to make this desk a reality. Trust me you guys will be the first to know when it happens! I’m definitely adding certain aspects to my summer projects list.