Soul Soup

Any winter warmer device, at this stage of the year, is greatly appreciated by me. A recipe of comfort, goodness and convenience is greatly needed. I think I may have found just the thing…
Now, I am ridiculously picky when it comes to soups. The tinned varieties don’t tend to sit well with me, plus the wholesome filling feeling just isn’t there in my opinion.
So… I tend to make my own, but my repertoire has been limited to a reliable duo, consisting of Broccoli and Stilton and tomato soups.
Cue a revelation to my taste buds! Homemade Pea & Mint Soup! Inspiration has to be accredited to a fantastic friend of my Mum’s.

I have since made it my mission to recreate this dish…and now I can share it with you.
Step 1: Find a willing saucepot (the kitchen variety, as I think the human variety may have objections).

Step 2: Provide the saucepot with some ingredients. Like…
– 2 onions (accompanied by a glug of oil)
– 3 or 4 cloves of garlic (to your taste)
– couple of carrots
– vegetable stock cube
– frozen peas (I used an entire smallish bag, birds eye variety)
– fresh mint
– seasoning (to taste)
Let the onions, olive oil, and crushed garlic simmer for a while. By the way, my new favourite kitchen utensil has to be the garlic press I bought for this recipe. In my mind, no kitchen is complete without one!

Next, wash and roughly chop up the carrots. Add after the onions have simmered for around 5-10mins on a low heat.

After simmering add the vegetable stock (dissolved in a pyrex jug full of boiling water).
A while after that, add the peas (check before you do that the carrots are soft enough). Once the peas are cooked, add the washed, fresh mint (I included stalks n all). Note, relish the hint of minty freshness smell, its amazing!

After a tad bit longer cooking, give your concoction a good old blitz with a hand blender. Season to taste. If at any point you feel the mixture is too thick, add boiling water and mix.
Add a beverage on the side to your liking.

Et voila!
A little bit of soul food, when skies outside are grey.

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