Why its okay if you gain a few festive pounds


Resisting extra calories this time of year is futile.

You have to embrace the onslaught of sugar or basically go stir crazy. Those tubs of individually wrapped chocolates are going to come, Christmas meet up after meet up is going to occur, dinners will be had, mince pies will happen. And ya know what, it’s time to let yourself off the hook.

Trust me I’m not advocating that you treat this month/festive period as one long ultimate all you can eat buffet. Far from it. But don’t restrict yourself.

The trick to not going crazy is savouring what you choose. Conscious eating is key.

Ever suddenly found yourself just eating for the sake of eating? Because food is literally in front of you and convenient? Does this ever bring you enjoyment? Or are you finding that you suddenly need to reach for elastic waistbands quicker than you’d like? By now I’d like to think we all know the difference between what we truly enjoy eating, and what we are just consuming because it’s there and we can. Personally, I have started to choose what I consume based on enjoyment, making my treat allowance really count. By asking yourself “will I really appreciate and savour this”, it will help to keep any weight gain down, proportionate and completely justifiable for this time of year. I mean when was the last time you just slowed down and really enjoyed your food? If you’re sitting there thinking “well what if all food brings me joy and I’m not picky like you”, see if you can just select only a few of your top absolute favourites and eat consciouslyYou will have enjoyed yourself, with any gains being minimal and totally work-off-able in the New Year.

Gaining a few pounds really isn’t the end of the world and women in particular can even fluctuate by this amount during their time of the month!

Occasionally I find myself eating things/trying things that I feel just aren’t worth the calories, that don’t satisfy me, and that I don’t savour. When this happens I don’t beat myself up, it’s really not worth it. Instead I just say “okay, won’t be wasting my treat calories on that one again”.

If you make an effort wherever possible to eat clean and as healthy as you can for the majority of the festive season you really need not worry about the treats. Everything in moderation is the way for your waist to survive Christmas, and make sure your treats/sins/naughty choices are worth every mouthful.

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