Follow these Instagram accounts for a #moodboost

I am all for a good ‘mood boost’ at the moment.

Any little bit of escapism. Any little bit of inspiration.

I feel like Instagram can make it hard sometimes to not compare yourself or your life and judge it as inadequate compared to others. That feeling of getting sucked into what appears to be perfection and then sighing and asking “why does my life not look like that”. Knowing this feeling all to well I get so excited when I find accounts that have that ‘real-ness’ about them. That are building people up instead of knocking you out of the way with their “fantastic lives”. That talk about real issues affecting people that really do need to be talked about more! I’m completely obsessed with these accounts as they are actually making me feel better instead of making me give up. So I share with you, my favourite mood boosting Insta-accounts that if you follow I promise will enrich your life rather than drain it.


@chessiekingg – this beautiful soul caught my attention initially when she mentioned her height in one of her posts. That’s right, she is a fellow tall lass, provides fashion inspo and is a major bad-ass when it comes to working out. You can even train with her using online classes! She speaks up about the impact social media can have on us, has made headlines with her campaign against trolling and promotes body confidence wherever she can. Need I say more? She honestly never fails to make me feel better with her posts and her smile is nothing short of infectious!


@celestebarber – I started following this beautiful Australian legend when one of her posts popped up on my ‘explore’ feed. Ever since I’ve been hooked. What I most enjoy is her Insta-stories. I love her voice, I love her attitude, I love her take on life. She’s a comedic genius


@mollyburkeofficial – I’m a YouTube addict. There I said it. I’m not even ashamed. You know why? Because my addiction has lead me to encounter Molly. She is blind, but embraces life to the full and constantly reminds me that even though life can be hard, being brave and positive will see you through almost anything! I am also in love with her service dog Gallop, such a handsome specimen who often steals the show! Honestly this account is so bright, uplifting and positive it’s well worth a follow.


@norbertthedog – if you’re looking for a daily injection of cuteness look no further than Norbert, the permanently smiling miniature fur-ball! You’ll see what I mean when you see him! Some people look at cat videos to make them feel better, I go to Norbert.


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