Monday Motivation #15

To start, I am going to tell you a quick fact about myself…I am a brilliant procrastinator.

One of the curses about being a student is that you become freakishly brilliant at this. I have and will continue to do everything except the thing I should be doing, which in this case is a Physics essay.

In the past week alone I have cleared tidied and sorted out my desk, you know, so that I can do my essay at it and be inspired etc.
I have cleaned the house, you know, to create a calm environment to do an essay in.

Do you get where this is going?

Ironically, procrastination can be quite a practical propellor for getting your ass doing something, whether this be random or something that you have been meaning to do for ages!
I have even been booking extra shifts so that I would be like “well I’m poor, I’m going to work, the essay will just have to wait”! I hate work!!!!

And yes, instead of talking to you I should be reading the article currently cast to my left side but still within view so as to convince myself of my wimpy flimsy intentions.

Bottom line, I have a horrible horrible essay to do, and its gotta be done.
And yes, I’m going to need a hell of a lotta motivation to get there…
…so here we go….


Bed Spread…genius! Source
Me + coffee = a fighting chance at this essay…
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