London, aka my new home

Yup, this has happened and although I’m not excusing it, it’s the main cause for my online presence being so quiet for the past two months.

I promised myself I’d be more consistent but unfortunately life had other ideas, however (*breathes in*) we are still just going to roll with this (*breathes out*) – “go with the flow”“pebble in a stream” – okay I’ll stop now.

First difference you’ll see for obvious reasons is my backgrounds – gone are the days of countryside ‘house I’ve grown up in for my entire life’ backgrounds. Instead they’ve been replaced by the infamous concrete jungle, along with cramped, teeny tiny living spaces and more minimalism than I’ve ever incorporated into my life – EVER!

So the reason that sparked this move, and set me off at full speed ahead into the busiest most fast paced life I’d ever imagined possible, is a career move. I’ve been treading water for some time now – waiting my turn for opportunities that were promised but never seemed to come and feeling very stuck and uninspired.

Cue that sparkly hopeful job advert into my inbox and hey presto your looking at the latest Londoner.

To say the process over the past month has been an adjustment would be a tad bit of an understatement. It would probably be more accurate to say that its been like when you get on that roller coaster that looks terrifying but your friends have forced you on and before you know it you’re hurtling round it and its just as terrifying as you imagined and to top it all off you get a nice helping of whiplash to remind you of it for the next few weeks. (I withheld comma’s for a reason people – read it that way and you’ll feel it).

It’s been insane.

Firstly – I have never walked so much in my life.

I am a die hard car fan through and through, and there is just no place for that kind of attitude here, unless you have a time allowance and bank balance to match. Now for those of you that are new to my page / life / channel, last year I had a hip replacement, and now because of this move I would not be surprised if in a couple of years I am looking at knee replacements. There is that much walking involved – I wish I was kidding.

Secondly – When people say life here is expensive, what they mean is compared to everywhere else on the planet.

Everywhere else has more space and less entertainment availability and because of this yes you will feel like you’re haemorrhaging money faster, purely because there are more options available to you here. I honestly think the ‘more expensive’ statement is proportionate, and needs some context to it before you go running scared.

Not that I’ve found a balance yet, and as I’m typing this I’m relying on getting thought the next week on my last £20 and the single piece of bread I have for toast has a patch on it that is looking slightly fluffy.

The good news is on the expenses front is that even if I could afford new clothes and really just all the nice things, where the fudge would I put them? In the video above I give you an overview of my current new living space and lets just say I’m having to be seriously inventive. I’ve had to throw away at least 2/3d’s of my wardrobe on account of the postage stamp sized cupboard I now have to hang stuff in. I’ve also had to put stuff in storage that I hope to one day have in an actual place of my own. But then I would need to win the lottery right now so we won’t go there.

On a more positive note, I’m out here! I’m living! I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and with that can only come growth. I’m finally affecting change and learning and although there are times where I feel like I could get mugged, its worth it to have this opportunity.