How to streamline your wardrobe

Source: Viva

Step one for a streamlined, sophisticated, stylish wardrobe is simple. 

Grab – everything.

I’m serious, leave no item of clothing untouched. This was both the best and worst bit of starting “project wardrobe”. Sure it’s fun to dump everything in a big heaped pile on your bed, its quite another to start filtering through not only items of clothing, but also the emotional attachments that come with them. Throw an indecisive person into the mix (yup thats me) and it’s a lot tougher than you realise. But fear not. The following steps help a lot.

As you pick up each piece of clothing and give it your full attention, asking yourself things like ‘have you worn it in the last year’, ‘how does it make you feel’ and ‘what does it go with’, depending on the answers there are three “categories” to put them in.

1: The “this brings me joy I love it so much OMG I want to wear it now” pile.

2: The “maybe I’ll wear this someday, but is someday ever going to come I don’t know” pile.

3: The “chuck it or charity it” pile.

Once the sorting/pile stage is complete (which was step two by the way), this is your chance to decide what you want to hang it all back up with. 
As I may have mentioned before, it has suddenly dawned on me that the three different (wait four including special ones for ‘trousers’) hangers were actually counter productive to the overall aesthetic of the home for my cloth. Did I want non slip? Wooden? Metal? The options out there are endless, but now, at step three, would be a great time to make a decision. 

Now for probably the most important step. This is the best time for a pit stop so grab a coffee, et voila you have successfully completed step four.

Seeing as you should by now have successfully made a big ol’ mess, it is only fair that step five involves putting everything back, on the hangers you chose in step three.

Once the clothes you want to keep and neatly stowed away in your now cleansed closet, it’s time for step six which is to make a trip to the charity store. Heck get on eBay even, and earn some pennies back!

I’ve learn’t that this process allows you to physically see what the state of you wardrobe is and assess whether it’s working for you or not. I now have an efficient list of what my wardrobe is lacking and where I can invest my money next. Now, to Pinterest for inspiration, you can follow along here.
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