How I Tackle the Post Christmas Food Hangover

And just like that…its all over! Can’t believe it! Although the reality check is the inevitable tightness of the jeans to kindly remind you of just how much you have enjoyed yourself this Christmas.

If you are anything like me and feeling like the post Christmas coma is still very much with you, here are a few little things I do to try and rid myself of the desire to want to roll around on the floor, clutching my belly, and dress in baggy pants for the rest of the year. 

Green Tea 

This little miracle brew has been hailed for its health benefits. It has anti-oxidising properties as its number one ‘good deed’, as well as adding being an anti-inflamatory and easing chronic fatigue to its list of strengths! If you have any in your house I recommend knocking up a brew first thing in the morning. You can make it as strong or as weak as you like, and even though its not the best tasting thing in the world, you can definitely learn to love it. After a few cups throughout the day, I begin to feel better and less sluggish if I’ve had a period of overeating. 


Need I say more? Hydration is a massive help when fighting the bloat! Even though its the last thing you feeling like doing, make sure you have a glass or bottle with you throughout the day and keep on sipping! It will benefit your digestive system, flush out toxins and help to make you feel fresh!


Boxing day or post Christmas walks will massively help your digestive system. Get your blood pumping and some fresh air and you are bound to feel better in no time. 


You cannot go wrong with eating plenty of fresh fruit & veg, wholegrain breakfast cereals (porridge oats is a good one), nuts or any high fibre source of food when you are helping to re-boot your digestive system. Move everything through and you will feel your energy gradually creeping back to pre-Christmas festivity levels!


If you need a sweet treat due to the sugar addiction formed over the festive period, then yoghurt is your answer. It is full of good bacteria to again help your digestive system and you can add lots of lovely stuff to it!
Here I have my favourite combination of a flaxseed mix that you can grab from a health food store, and honey. Literally just sprinkle over the top of some plain yoghurt (here I have Alpro Soya Plain) and you are good to go!

Above all else try to take it easy. I find that any type of worry or stress makes my tummy feel even worse! 

So this somes up my thoughts on a food hangover ‘cure’ so to speak, now to look forward to the more conventional hangover that will inevitably come with the celebrations on New Years Eve *gulps*.

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