Happy Easter

Wishing everyone a very Happy Easter and an even more fun filled long weekend! 

Just as a disclaimer, I did try to make something fancy with chocolate, I tried numerous Easter Pinterest hacks, tips and tricks, and every time I failed as the chocolate mysteriously kept disappearing (into mine and various other mouths that happened to pass by).

So I threw in the towel, brought out the Baileys and decided to just have an indulgent Adult Easter, with my favourite tipple. I do miss the Easters I had as a kid (who doesn’t) with the hunts, and the competition between siblings to see who has the most eggs! But, being a grown up now means that I enjoy the long weekend, a small amount of chocolate and a bit of a drink more! It’s all relative!
P.S. I love that Bailey’s can be made pretty much suitable for every celebration/occasion! Not sponsored but kinda wish I was!