Feelings on February + a Shopping List

It’s March. 

My Fashion/Wardrobe focus project I set myself over Feb has ended. On reflection I would say I have successfully marked the start of this project, but it’s a lot bigger than I anticipated and an ongoing process at the moment.

Firstly, my wardrobe looks a lot more streamlined and full of the things I love to wear most. I even have (mostly) matching hangers! (Spot the odd one out). But I’ve also learned a lot about my own personal style and what I ultimately want that to be.

I’ve learnt that I’m quite bad when it comes to ‘nice clothes’. I have no problems buying beautiful key pieces that look and make me feel fab, but then I’m guilty of preserving them and not letting them see the light of day. This is a rule I’m now setting myself from this month forward. No more preserving. I’m going to buy AND wear nice things, without worrying if they will get damaged or won’t look the same after a wash, life doesn’t wait and why not feel happy and great now?

I also have those days where I don’t wear things because that particular day isn’t ‘special enough’. Like I specifically dress down unless I’m going to a frickin’ Ball or something (this is an extreme example obvs). So the time is now, stop waiting to wear nice things and just wear them! What on earth am I waiting for? (Apart from that ‘Ball’ that is never going to happen).

I’ve ridded my closet of those ‘someday’ clothes that might never happen, and plonked my wardrobe right back in the present. In turn this has made me realise what I actually have, and what I would need to either complete a look or fit in with my newly enlightened style.

I’ve subsequently compiled a Shopping List…

A Biker Jacket

Source: Charlize

A Camel Coat

Source: Charlize

A Barbour Jacket

Source: Daily Fashion Outfits

A Pair of High Waisted Jeans

Source: Popularaz

A Classic White Shirt

Source: Susan Albright Design

A Smart Pair of Trousers

Source: Shop Style Neiman Marcus

A Pair of White Kicks

Source: Aritzia
I would maybe go so far as to say I need these items (cue stereotypical girl breaks emergency piggy bank for shoes moment). But, I’m going to take my time over the spring transition period and consider investing a little extra in order to get some quality in my wardrobe, rather than quantity. 

Any things here match your shopping list?

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