Federation Coffee, Brixton

I’ve been to Brixton only once so far in my life.

I was a teenager, and I was off to see my first Korn concert (yup, that was during my emo/goth phase, which we all go through right?)

Needless to say my memories of Brixton are quite intense; warnings of guarding my valuables like my life depended on it, long leather coats and spikes all resurface when anyone mentions the place.

But, I thought I would utilise one of the multiple bank holidays we are having (not complaining) and go off on a little bit of an explore.

Now this is not like me, I like my comforts and the four walls of my flat, but after spending the past 24hrs being a recovering hangover-hermit, I thought getting out, some fresh air and some uninterrupted reading time would do me the world of good.

Cue a google search – “best coffee shops in Brixton”. Up pops Federation Coffee. Looks good. Trendy, cosy, independent. Sold.

Cue Citymapper (what did we ever do before this app???) – a stretch of the legs and a bus ride later and I’ve made it!

Unfortunately, a lot of the quirkier looking places of Brixton were closed on account of the bank holiday, but it was still pleasant enough to wander round. Also at no point did I clutch my bag tighter and I even got my phone out for directions on occasion. Positive start!

Federation Coffee can be found in Brixton Village – a covered arcade of independent eaterys, stalls, boutiques and coffee shops all packed into one area and even though half of them were shut, there was still a great atmosphere.

The coffee shop itself has the classic London, bare industrial vibe, with places to sit inside and out. The staff are super friendly and there is a small menu of eats if you fancy but the main focus is the coffee, which is fresh and hits the spot! Then there is the music! This can either be a bonus or a turn off but for me I appreciate a good beat and a high decibel. Not for everyone to drink their coffee whilst feeling like they are on a night out, but I was able to read my book quite merrily.

I gave into espresso soaked banana bread – with walnuts and ricotta – delicious!

So I think its safe to say this little place will be going on my ‘best coffee shops of London’ board – you can follow this on Pinterest!