Easy Vegan Valentines Day Pancakes

See what I did there? Combining pancake day with Valentines? Well I forgot to post this recipe on the actual pancake day but why the heck not! Although I must confess, there is no special ‘Valentines day’ aspect to these pancakes, apart from if you make them on Valentines day. I mean if you really want to jazz things up you could add some red food colouring to them but it could be disastrous. Feel free to also try and create like a heart shape or spell out your loved ones name or something, you know, like pancake art…panc-art…pan-art…oh wow I’m gunna stop there. 
Pancakes taste better on a Sunday morning anyway, and for those of us taking the opportunity to capitalise on Valentines day and treat ourselves, this is the guilt free, vegan, wheat free pancake recipe for you!
These are super easy to make, I would say this mixture (depending on the mug size you use) makes up to 6 pancakes! They fill you up nicely without that ‘hating yourself’ moment after that I personally get with normal pancakes, and you can adapt this recipe to include flavours and extras that you fancy. I can’t stress enough how much I enjoy these little beauties!
So lets get down to business…
You will ideally need…
1 regular mug
1 regular pan
1 standard blender or blending device
1 spatula 
Oats (1 mug measurement)
Almond milk (1 mug measurement)
2 x small to medium bananas
Vanilla essence // Coconut sugar // Cinnamon // Nutmeg // Blueberries 
(pick any combo of the above or make up your own!)


Grab your blending receptacle.

Pour and measure a mug full of oats, add to blender.

Measure the same amount of almond milk, add to blender.

Chop up bananas, add to blender. At this stage add whatever extra flavourings you wish.

Blend thoroughly.

This should produce a perfectly pourable ‘pancake batter’.

Heat your pan on high.

Add some oil to your pan (ideally I would have loved to have used coconut oil but there was unfortunately none in the house at the time).

Measure out a dollop of batter to make a pancake size of your choice. (Can add blueberries at this stage).

Flip when the batter becomes loose/golden brown.

Repeat with rest of mixture.

Create a stack.

Grab eating utensils.

At this stage I like to add a cheeky bit of Clarks original Maple Syrup. My mouth is watering just thinking of that stuff.

Tuck in!

P.S. Happy Valentines Day!

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