DVD Storage Idea

I first launched this post in 2013, and boy oh boy I’ve come a long way since then. 

However, this post has steadfastly remained my most popular post in my entire blogging history! So I thought, seeing as it’s worked so hard over the last four years, that I would give it a little sprucing. 

To this day, I still continue to use this system for storing my DVD collection and I’m never going back! I still have spare wallets left over from the packs I originally bought, just in case I choose to purchase anything in hardcopy, but since I made this post, Netflix and online streaming has significantly taken off! To the point where I’m not worried so much with purchasing DVD’s, I just search or download online. But, there are still times I want to watch something that isn’t on Netflix and its nice not to have to spend more when I know there’s a wallet with the solution to my problem not too far away #ultimatelazybum. 
This storage method is still a MASSIVE space saver, and I’m still able to add to the same original basket, which makes flicking through movie titles such a pleasure. 

My only complaint is the dust aspect. The basket is open topped and therefore the wallets get dusty very quickly, which may just mean that I keep my eyes peeled for a new storage container, preferably one with a lid.

These wallets are super easy to transport and store in other ways too. If I’m off to a friends for an old school sleepover evening/night then I can just select my favourite chick flicks and pop them in an A5 binder to take with me. Super easy and super convenient, you could even store them this way as an alternative to the basket! 

With these wallets you get to keep the whole essence of the DVD, movie artwork and all, without that pesky bulky case taking up oodles of space.
I am in no way being sponsored for this post, I just feel strongly about this product which for me has definitely stood the test of time and has been worth the investment from the beginning. You can find them online here.

Below is one of the original photos from the first post, and what my DVD collection originally looked like. Never. Going. Back

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