How drunk should you get at your work Christmas Party?

Its that time of year again where the obligatory Work Christmas Parties descend upon us, and the inevitable question hits…how drunk should we really be getting in front of our colleagues?

Aside from finding an outfit that doesn’t require you to starve to get into it, the last thing you need to be thinking about is how drunk you’re going to get, right? I mean surely its a time to let your hair down, blow off some steam, treat yourself to a few drinks…or maybe the bar…

Working in healthcare I personally want to show myself off at my best, it’s an opportunity for me to step out of a uniform and show the people I work with that I actually have a figure going on underneath! Getting all glammed up and feeling my best, just to later on drink so much I can’t feel my face, or that I end up saying whatever comes into my head with a #nofilter, doesn’t seem like the best idea to me. You still have to see and work with these people, and someone somewhere will remember that you once vomited everywhere, or admitted that you’re in love with one of you’re colleagues and they have no idea you exist, or that you fell over on the dance floor and was a total liability! These things don’t just go away!

Even though there is a part of me that thinks well “why the hell not”, I have whayyy to many regrets about my behaviour post 2 bottles of wine.

The word ‘cringe’ instantly comes to mind, and although I’m lucky enough that the majority of my colleagues are sweethearts and think I’m hilarious, I know that I have definitely not been the best version myself on more than one occasion.

Now on to the serious stuff as there is the potential for drink to lead to gross misconduct at Christmas parties, and the last thing you want to get for Christmas is unemployment! Any gross misconduct that occurs within a work context (work Christmas parties count here guys) then your employer may have grounds to dismiss or fire you, so bare this in mind when you think in your infinite drunk wisdom taking that lovely ornament home as a souvenir from your party venue is a good idea. There are more tips on how not to get fired at your work xmas do in a useful article by the Mirror.

In an effort not to be so serious however, as this is the annual chance you get not to be serious at work for once, my advice is to take it easy. Know you’re limits. I know I’m done for if I mix my drinks, others know to stop after a bottle of wine and start on the water (hydration is a massive help and a ratio of 1 drink:1 water works amazingly for survival and your bank balance). Just try to find a warm fuzzy cute tipsy balance and stay within that bubble. Don’t burst that bubble and end up flat on your face (in some cases quite literally). Happy Partying!

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