Don’t ‘Fall’ for it Just Yet

With it being the end of August, Fall // Autumn is literally around the corner.

That being said, it is very easy, almost too easy to start getting excited for autumnal outfits, pumpkin spiced everythings and pulling all the blankets back out from hibernation.

But just hold on to those pumpkins for a sec. Things don’t just magically change overnight here. I’ve seen people already digging out coats scarves and boots! Even if these items are dam cute, you don’t necessarily need to go on a shopping spree for outfits. You’re not going to be wearing a scarf anytime soon with these temperatures I’m telling you.

– Firstly – 

Lets have rummage around in our closets (not a euphemism) for any previous, pre-existing autumnal/fall attire. We often have more than we realise. This way with a good sort through, chuck or donation of some unwanted stuff that’s for sure not going to be worn this time around, it’ll give us a good idea of what we CAN look forward to buying. Save your pennies.

– Secondly – 

It might be an idea, if you are just itching to obtain some new garmentage, to go for multipurpose pieces. Things that if its a hot summer-like afternoon, can go with that type of outfit. Maybe go for ankle boots instead of the full over the knee ones. A jacket instead of a thick wool coat.

– Thirdly –

With the weather STILL being in the 20’s are you really going to start wearing scarves when September 1st hits? If you want to cook yourself go right ahead but I feel like the decision is out of our hands for the time being. Trust me, scarves will feel amazing when the temperature drops and you get that snug feeling settling in. There’s no rush.
I feel like the excitement of Autumn is getting the better of some people. 

Lets just all calm our tits and hold on to our spaghetti straps! 

Excitement is one thing, but wearing a scarf in 25 degree heat is another. 
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