Dobbies Christmas Collection


This Winter is already shaping up to be an extra special one.

The Cotswolds for me is high up on the list of most Christmassy places this time of year. That classic type of stone, the arts the crafts, the lights, the cottages. Cirencester in particular becomes a home away from home hub for me. As we head towards the ‘big day’ and the weekends become fewer, I thought I would spend one of them pulling a two birds one stone jobby, seeing my Mum and picking up a few gifts in the process. But first…coffee.




Made by Bob is top of my list for coffee in Cirencester. You will find it along the walkway between the main craft hall through to the high street, with big glass windows inviting you to peer in to the gorgeous central bar littered with baked goods! This time round I opted for a slice of homemade Bakewell tart which did not disappoint.



Caffeinated-up and ready to begin our shop we headed to the Cirencester branch of Dobbies. I have driven past this place almost every time I make the Cotswolds pilgrimage but have not yet managed to get my butt inside. This year however, I have a bit more of an incentive to actually make it past the front gate, as I happen to know the Dobbies Exclusive Collection Designer. If you follow me on Instagram you will have already picked up on this but I am just absolutely buzzing and super excited about my Mums artwork being featured in store this Christmas!



I literally unashamedly ran over to every single stand featuring my mothers designs. They look amazing! They have even been made into cardboard cutouts and hung everywhere! I have grown up with her artwork, I know it inside out, and now its so wonderful now that its out there others can appreciate it as well.

My favourite items from the collection have to be the cushions. They would make great gifts this Christmas. The one featured here is the Reindeer Cushion and is super cute, approx 30cm in length, nordic and stylish that I could see it featuring in any home all year round. Another cushion favourite of mine (sadly not featured here as it had sold out at the time we visited) is the Magical Hare Cushion and features in the Dobbies Christmas advert this year. 



Having oohh-ed and aahh-ed my way around the entire store, I managed to snap a pic of the artist herself. Well done Mum! Head to your nearest Dobbies for gift and decoration ideas and tag me on Instagram if you pick up anything from the Dobbies Christmas Collection. If you would like to get in touch with Carol the artist herself you can contact her here.



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