Dear 2016: Things I’ve Learnt

Source: Sourire a la vie

Is anyone actually sad to see the back of 2016? I, like many of us out there, could honestly not wait for that year to end.

The many horrible losses of great people, EU referendum outcome, Trump being elected President just to quote a few well known “Breaking News Titles” were going on in the background of a cascade of my own personal battles.
But I’ve been thinking about what I can take away from this year that could maybe serve as life lessons and guide me through a hopefully better year. And so I share with you a few “dear 2016, I have learnt that…” bullet points.

I can’t drink like I once was able

I really, truely, broke up with alcohol last year. I mean really. It wasn’t pretty. Don’t get me wrong, the odd G+T and sophisticated glass of Prosecco with dinner? Absolutely fine. But I am no longer going to try and “keep up” or “catch up” or partake in a ridiculous amount of rounds on a night out. 

I’m quitting Tinder

I have been on Tinder for (yes I’m slightly embarrassed to say this) years (I think at least 3 *gulps*). If it was going to work for me, I think I’ve given it enough of a chance. I’ve got the ‘dating/seeing what’s out there’ side of me out, have accumulated more than enough ‘interesting’ date stories and experienced the freedom I’ve wanted, but honestly, now, its just depressing and exhausting. I mean, treating people as if they are expendable and replaceable via swipe? I’m either going to go the official dating site route, or its more likely that 2017 will see me leaving it up to fate, but I hereby quit Tinder.

I shouldn’t be beating myself up for setting myself impossible tasks

Resolutions, its nice to resolve to change but we mostly remain the same and then beat ourselves up for it. I realise that up until now I really haven’t been realistic with my expectations, so much so that I end up failing within the first week of January and then its all down hill from there. Sound familiar. Well I’m letting myself off the hook. I achieved a lot in 2016, in my own time, without hanging expectations over my head. I’m setting more long term goals and if they don’t happen this year in particular, they will happen eventually. I know what I want, but I’m going to start working towards things in my own time. 

I like Sci-Fi!

I honestly never thought I’d say these words, but recently I have really been enjoying anything really ‘outer space’ related. Be it film or book, I can’t get enough. I like that I discovered this about myself in 2016, and I endeavour to embrace it in 2017. Trust me, just read the Long Way to a Small Angry Planet and try not to be hooked. 

I can get through the Christmas period without completely subscribing

What I mean by this is that last year I found a way to do Christmas that actually benefits me and not every one else for a change. I wasn’t totally ‘bah-humbug’ but I didn’t spend hundreds of pounds on food, and I only picked a single present for the people I wanted to that I knew they would like. It sounds so simple but it was a revelation! I always feel guilty and railroaded into buying loads of presents for everyone. But there is more value to be had in the festive experience than that. I chose quality over quantity, and felt so much better for it. 

I can take positive steps to getting over my phobias

2016 saw me doing quite a few things that scared the literal crap out of me, and I felt so much better for it. The most profound turning point in particular was going to an activity for a Hen do called Rope Runners. It’s along the lines of Go Ape, and involves heights, a lot of physical strength, and a lot of squeaking from fear! I made it along one of their courses far further than I ever thought I would, and even though I had to be rescued I’m so glad I threw myself into it. I’m going to confront more of my anxieties and fears in 2017 for sure. 
So heres to the inauguration of 2017 and thank god we got out of 2016 alive! I think if that year taught us anything its to go easy on ourselves, we deserve a break.

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