But first, Coffee

Its the New Year! There is so much to do and think about! But first? Coffee. 

There is nothing better to do on a weekend morning than taking the opportunity to slow things down a bit and indulge in a freshly brewed cup of ‘Caffe Del Doge’.

This stove top coffee maker is one of my favourite gifts from Christmas, and kinda my new obsession. The coffee itself has come all the way from Venice after my recent visit which you can read about here.
Now this contraption baffled me to begin with. I couldn’t understand how the coffee got to the top of of the coffee maker to pour! I’m still convinced its magic to be fair. The key however is all in the bottom part/booty, of this contraption.

Fill the lower section with water (to speed up the process I used slightly boiled water from the kettle), but be carful not to fill above the little bolt/steam level. Then pop the removable middle section back over, pour in your ground coffee and you are then ready to screw on the top section.

After a couple of minutes on the hob, freshly brewed coffee will be bubbling up to great you. See, kinda like…magic?! Its the little things in life.

Pour into your favourite cup and enjoy! Now my coffee maker says ‘makes three servings’, which leads me to believe that it means ‘espresso’ portions because there is no way the contents here fills more than one cup! But I think it depends on the type of coffee you brew and how much you pack into that middle section. I didn’t fill it fully and one cup leaves me just the right amount of buzzing. Just be wary of how much caffeine you want and can tolerate, add milk or hot water depending. Also a nice little way to enjoy your own brew is to have a couple of Lotus biscuits on the side! I’ve been loving these lately! Not too many nasties in them and very satisfying!

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