A Rainy Afternoon

I’ve escaped.

I have literally put miles between me and my problems. They may try and sneak back into my thoughts now and again, but when I get away, I get inspired, and start thinking of all the possibilities and ways in which I can make things better, or be happier, however naive that may sound.

My friend out here in the French Province has a saying, “when you come to France, be prepared to set your watch an hour forward and several years back”. Meaning that it can be a little backwards here compared to Great Britain, but you know what? It’s just uncomplicated. The pace is slower, and it doesn’t feel like there is a constant pressure on you to be places or do things. 
After a scorching heatwave that has recently torched the south of France, today it rained. It was so calming and welcome that I indulged in settling down with my current book of choice. No pressures, no pace. Just a simple, very hygge-like moment, and maybe even a cheeky cup of tea to follow. 
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