5 things I’ve learnt from watching Love Island

Source: Digital Spy

If you haven’t heard of Love Island by now I can safely conclude you have been living under the biggest rock on the planet.

If you haven’t seen Love Island I can also conclude that you are missing out on, well pure 21st century ‘entertainment’. Luckily, I’m here to let you know that this highly addictive TV show will give you something to talk about (even if its a semi-rant like this post) as well as providing the odd giggle which we all need more of.

1 – ‘Muggy’ is a thing –

the terminology on this show is hysterical. I don’t know about you but I’d never previously come across ‘muggy’ ‘melt’ ‘pied’ or ‘crack on’ in my life, yet, I knew exactly what they were talking about?! And, even more interestingly these words have now made their way into my vocab stores!


2 – ‘Grammar’ isn’t a thing –

apparently speaking in a grammatically correct way isn’t a thing anymore. Now don’t get me wrong, you can have any accent you want and some places actually have different dialects, but if you are going to sit there and say “we was gunna…” I’m sorry, how do these people not realise that that’s not right?! And it puts me right off a person!



…the overuse of this phrase is up there with ‘like’. In fact “like, d’ya kno wot I mean” gets said a lot. Good drinking game by the way.


4 – Men are simpler than we thought, and actually thats not really a bad thing –

they either like you or they don’t. It’s initially on looks, but they still need a good personality.


5 – It’s nice to have a routine –

9pm you know where I’ll be. Everyone in my house knows what time it is. I settle in with a drink and a yoghurt with Twitter at the ready (follow me @this_tallgirl) and let the drama commence.


If you take away anything from this show just know that clearly the struggle is real, and in a roundabout way that makes me feel better. It’s unfortunate, but still it’s nice to see that you could have the most perfect ‘adonis’ body going, and still find the subject of love difficult. I mean, if they look that perfect and don’t get picked or coupled up with – there no hope for the rest of us really.

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